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What on earth did we do during office down-time when blogs didn’t exist? Oh yeah–I guess we actually ended up doing our work, how boring.

The original term blog was started in 1999 and is derived from web-log, which turned into “we blog” thanks to online journal author Peter Merholz. What started off as people posting pictures and opinions of their travels and life, has developed into an awesome way for millennials to learn and acquire interesting and useful knowledge. But with 8 million blogs in the U.S. alone there’s way too much to sift through in order to find the gems.

Don’t worry, we have you covered on that. Here are the top millennial blogs to subscribe to.

The Muse

If you’re looking for career help and guidance but want it from a millennial’s perspective, The Muse is an awesome blog to subscribe to, granted you’ve already exausted the entirety of the website first.

The Muse covers a variety of topics and will keep you laughing along the way. If you’ve ever wondered “How to Sound Smarter at Work” or need 30 variations on how to write a cover-letter, you should check this website out.


Looking for news that isn’t the Huffington Post? Mic is a nice alternative to get the news that we are interested in as millennials without being long-winded. Written mostly by millennials, the articles go into world and regional events, as well as covering the business world and the millennials that are making their mark on popular industries.

Lindsey Pollak

Ah, Lindsey, how you transcend generations to bring us useful knowledge. Millennial career expert Lindsey Pollak dishes out useful advice surrounding the millennial mindset. Not only does she write for recent graduates or those of us well in our career, but also publishes articles to help senior directors better relate with a new millennial workforce. Whether you’re a 20-something just starting their career or an industry pro, check out her blog for some useful advice.


Are you a guy who just graduated and have no idea what you’re doing? Don’t worry about it, join the club and subscribe to Primer. This blog will show you how to live your life and do things that you should probably already know how to do, but hey, this is the internet and there’s no judgement here. Exclusively for men, or I guess in this case, boys, Primer is a good way to get out of that awkward phase where women find you repulsive, and helps you transform into the suave and sophisticated man within.  


I couldn’t post an exclusively male blog without giving the ladies something to read. Refinery29 is a great blog that covers everything from world news, to entertainment, to beauty tips. It has a ton of tutorials and interviews with accomplished women to give guidance on your career path too. Whether you have it all together or you need some advice, check out Refinery29.

Nir & Far

We talk about strategies and tactics on job interviewing so often that we often forget there’s a neurologic element to every interaction in business. Nir Eyal goes into how our brain influences the business interaction, and how we can evaluate behavior in order to make sure that each interaction is the best one. Writer for Forbes and TechCrunch, Eyal’s personal blog sheds light in an interesting way.

Generation Meh

I’ve never laughed so hard while simultaneously being depressed before reading Generation Meh. Written by Maureen Henderson of Forbes, Generation Meh will give you a combination of hilariously dark career advice from Henderson herself. Some of the stories are more for amusement than actual advice, but either way it will keep you entertained.

There are so many more blogs out there to subscribe to. For this list I tried to steer away from the really obvious ones, because I figured as a millennial you’re probably already reading those blogs. If you have the down-time, or just want to read something hilarious, interesting, or informative, check out the blogs above.


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