Employee Benefits & Perks of Outstanding Companies That Go Above and Beyond


Recently I covered the best non-salary benefits to offer millennials in the workplace. Now that we have an understanding of what’s available, it’s time to take a look at where such benefits are available. Here is our list of top employee benefits and perks of outstanding companies.

The Walt Disney Company
Disclaimer: I worked on-site at Walt Disney World right after I graduated from college for approximately six months—so I’m naturally biased when I say that Disney’s employee perks are . . .magical. I was granted free park admission, a limited number of guest passes for when my parents and friends came to visit, an employee discount on Disney loot as well as table service food and access to shows and attractions before their launch to the general public. And I was a part-time, College Program intern. In addition to the perks I received, full-time employees are granted health, dental, disability income and life insurance, paid holidays and vacation days, onsite child care, assistance with adopting a child, a 401(K) plan, an employer match contribution program and continuing education opportunities.

As No. 1 on the 2015 Fortune 500 list, I found it only fair to include Walmart as part of this roundup. Health benefits are the highlight here—employees have access to a Health Savings Account (HAS) with 100% coverage for in-network preventative care, $4 copay on generic drugs at Walmart or Sam’s Club pharmacies and free access to nurse care managers and healthcare advisors. In addition, Sam’s Club employees are entitled to a free membership—and all employees are free to make use of the online Associate Discount Center, with more than 375 discounts available on a multitude of goods and services.

Google (or Alphabet)
Renowned for its employee perks, Google offers “programs and onsite amenities aimed at supporting you and your loved ones through life’s various stages.” The usual insurance and retirement benefits are available for employees, as well as continuing education options and the opportunity to give back to the community through matching donations to charities of choice. But the on campus amenities are what set Google apart—offering “onsite wellness and healthcare services, including physicians, chiropractic, physical therapy and massage services.” There are also several food options, fitness centers and even classes available.

I’ve previously reviewed some of Facebook’s employee benefits and perks—but some are so unique that they are worth revisiting. One standout perk of working for Facebook comes in the practice that employees are granted a $250 product allowance to utilize Facebook ads either for themselves or for family and friends. Others include Facebook Clubs and transportation to work for locally based employees.

I’m not intentionally going for overkill on the tech companies—but it’s no secret that millennials are flocking to tech companies for employment. Not to mention that you can type “Apple Employee Benefits” into Google and you’ll see that Apple’s company culture and employee benefits are well renowned, at least over the Internet. Apple, however, is elusive about displaying such great benefits on the company homepage—so I enlisted Glassdoor for research purposes. Reviews indicate the usual health insurance and 401K as well as an employee discount on all products, the chance to telecommute, a gym membership, professional development opportunities and access to tech support for personal computers and devices.

Goldman Sachs
For the financially savvy investment bankers, Goldman Sachs is such a desirable place to work that we’ve even supplied you with tips on how to get an internship with the company. The perks are desirable, too—employees are eligible from day one of employment. Health and life insurance, vacation time, retirement plans and child car are all available. An on-site wellness center is part of the company’s New York, New Jersey and Utah offices. “Expectant parent resources” are also included—and employees get to utilize the company’s very product with their own investment banking plans.

I chose companies to research that I knew our millennial readership would recognize—but that’s not to say that other top companies HR offer extensive benefits and perks. Check out Fortune’s newest list—the 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials—where you’ll see a few companies named here, but also multitudes of others that may not come to mind right away.


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