10 Tips For Building Credibility In Your Industry


Let’s be honest, millennials are not always taken seriously. We’re the generation that’s challenging the norm, especially when it comes to work life. Older generations are aware of this, and because of that are sometimes wary of Gen Yers. This in turn obviously makes it hard for millennials to prove themselves and to be taken seriously. Well, how can we fix this? That’s what Ploymint’s for. Here are 10 tips for building credibility in your industry.

  1. Utilize Social Media
    We’ve already discussed how social media can get you a job and can cost you a job. However, social media can also help you get taken more seriously. How? Use your social media channels to post about the leading topics in your industry, converse with others in your field, and to show off what you know.
  2. Start Blogging
    Sharing your knowledge publically is one of the easiest ways to show that you know what you’re talking about. In addition to posting on social media, start a blog in which you talk about leading trends in the industry, analyze news that may come out, respond to opinion pieces, and more.
  3. Join Podcasts
    There are podcasts about pretty much everything – try to get on one about a topic that pertains to your industry. It’s an addition to solely writing about things going on in your field. Plus, getting to actually have a conversation with someone that people can listen to, especially live, is quite impressive.
  4. Network, Network, Network
    We cannot stress the importance of networking, and that includes doing it to establish credibility in your career. Those contacts you make through networking are the ones who can not only connect you with new opportunities in your industry, but also can vouch for you, your personality, and your skills.
  5. Become Friends With Colleagues
    Your colleagues are the ones who see your work ethic. They see you in action in the office. They are your best allies when it comes to ever having to back you up in terms of your work ethic, knowledge, and demeanor. Plus, we’ve already given you some great tips on how to make friends at work!
  6. Teach
    Think about it – what better way is there to show your knowledge and passion for something than teaching a class or workshop about it (other than blogging, of course)? This may be easier said than done, but look into schools, universities, nonprofits, or community organizations that may be interested in hosting a workshop or class on a topic applicable to your industry.
  7. Be A Speaker At An Event
    Just this past year, one of the clubs from my alma mater reached out to me and asked me to speak on a nonprofit panel and I jumped at the chance! Speaking engagements are easier to take advantage of than you may think, and a great way to share (and show) your knowledge with others.
  8. Hold Your Own Event
    Can’t find an event at which to speak? Well, have your own then! It’s pretty simple to host a happy hour, rent a space, or take advantage of your own or a friend’s nice apartment. If the weather’s nice, have it outdoors. Take some time at this event to talk about the latest breaking news that has happened in your industry, company, or something applicable you’re intrigued by.
  9. Do Your Job Well
    Work hard. Get to work early. Don’t cut out early. Get all of your work done on time, if not early. You can’t build credibility in your industry if you are slacking off at your own job.
  10. Build Positive Relationships
    If people don’t have a positive impression of you, they’re not going to sing your praises to others. You want those thought leaders, directors, and supervisors in your industry to have a positive view of you. This comes from building positive relationships. People need to trust you – trust that you’ll do your work, trust that you’ll be ethical and genuine, and of course that you’re a good person to work with. And of course, we have tips to help you build positive relationships as well!

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Michelle is a proud Fordham alum who has currently found herself in the midst of the nonprofit world doing all social media and event planning for The Parent-Child Home Program. When she is not glued to twitter, you can find her on her third iced coffee of the day, arguing about sports, or pretending she's in Greece.

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