Job Seekers Are Mixed About Recruiters Texting Them


A recent study by SoftwareAdvice says that job seekers have a mixed reaction when it comes to recruiters texting them.

What They Say

  • Job seekers are split on the professionalism of recruiter texting: 35 percent consider it professional, 34 percent consider it unprofessional and 31 percent consider it neither professional nor unprofessional.
  • Texting isn’t a preferred method of communication for recruiting purposes: In six common scenarios, job seekers prefer to be contacted by recruiters via email or phone call instead.
  • According to job seekers, inappropriate texting scenarios with recruiters include texting during non-business hours (14 percent), texts unrelated to job hunting (12 percent) and texting the results of an interview (10 percent).


But according to text recruiting firm Emissary based in New York, job seekers will see your text if they get it. According to their numbers 90%+ of texts are read within the first hour of sending.

That means it works but only if you use it correctly. Recruiters should be polite and considerate of the candidates time. Don’t send long messages and brief and too the point.

We are slowing moving to a world where job seekers should expect to receive more text from recruiters. The next generation workforce is probably more in tune with this an others.


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