Tweet Me: Hashtags & Chats That Can Land You A Job


A few months back, I wrote about how a new job’s just a tweet away. Twitter is such a great asset in the job search but is rarely the first thing to come to mind. It is possible to get hired via Twitter – I should know, that’s how I came onboard the Ploymint team.

That’s right, Twitter launched my freelance writing career. Earlier this year, one of the people I followed tweeted about a freelance writing opportunity. I immediately responded, sent in a writing sample, and the rest is history. Yes millennials, it can be that easy – you just have to know where to look. To start you off, here are some great hashtags & chats that can land you a job when using Twitter.

Below is a list of some great general hashtags to keep a look out for. These hashtags promote all job openings and aren’t specific to a particular field, industry, or company. Keep a look out for jobs in your field by playing around with hashtag combinations such as #fashionjobs or #techjobs. According to US News, some companies even have their own hashtag. For instance, General Electric uses #GEJobs to promote job openings.


Have you ever taken part in a Twitter chat? If not, I highly recommend it. Twitter chats are a great way to network, share your experiences, hear advice, and gain insights into a particular topic. Here are some great chats for millennials to join that may help in the job search, or careers in general.

When? Tuesdays 8 PM ET

Fellow millennial Chelsea Krost hosts this chat weekly on different job topics and millennial topics such as top job trends, marketing to millennials, building personal brands, and much more. Our very own Brett Pucino takes part weekly, and I plan on starting as well. Join us!

When? Sporadic. Their next one is November 18th at 5 PM ET. Follow them @CareerContessa to stay informed.

Career Contessa describes themselves as “honest conversations for real women about work and life.” Founded by a fellow millennial Lauren McGoodwin, she understands best what advice, tips, and more is applicable to fellow millennials.

When? Wednesdays 7 PM ET

Founded and hosted by Kevin Grossman and Meghan Biro, #TChat consists of hundreds of people each week discussing different workplace topics. See some of their past chats which include tips on how to make meetings worth everyone’s time, and workplace trends through the eyes of millennials.

When? Every other Wednesday 8 PM ET

Gen Twenty hosts a twitter chat every other week tailored to millennials and job advice. Upcoming talks include topics such as underemployment, tricks to saving money, and mentorships.

Twitter is a Social Media channel that needs to be utilized. The above is a look at some of the popular hashtags and twitter chats that can be beneficial to you in your job search. Remember, search on Twitter for specific industries and companies you’re interested in, and see if there’s a hashtag or a twitter chat happening about it. For now, these are great places to start. I hope to chat with you soon!


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Michelle is a proud Fordham alum who has currently found herself in the midst of the nonprofit world doing all social media and event planning for The Parent-Child Home Program. When she is not glued to twitter, you can find her on her third iced coffee of the day, arguing about sports, or pretending she's in Greece.


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