What to Expect From Gen Z in the Workplace


Move over millennials, there’s a new generation in town. Or, perhaps more accurately, in our workplaces. The first wave of Generation Z, composed of individuals born between 1994 and 2010, is just entering the workforce this year.

So what can we expect from this new crop of employees? Check out these key insights into what to expect from Gen Z in the workplace:

They’re Already Jaded: Gen Z had to watch their millennial big brothers and sisters suffer through a horrible job market during the recession and its after-effects, which has stuck with them. Not to mention, many Gen Zers are already suffering from student loan debt. That adds up to a new workforce that’s more realistic than optimistic. For example, while 1 in 3 Gen Zers want to retire by age 60, less than 1 in 5 think that’s actually going to happen.

They’re Ready to Work Hard: Perhaps that realistic take on what’s required of them to stay afloat has influenced Gen Z’s “work hard” mentality. More than 75 percent of Gen Zers believe they will need to work harder than past generations to have a satisfying and fulfilling professional life. 

They Want The Right Fit: Many Gen Zers take a “Goldilocks” approach to the ideal workplace: they don’t want to work at a company that’s too big, or too small. A sizable percentage — 41 percent — of Gen Zers are most attracted to mid-size organizations.

They’re Plugged In: Gen Zers are technology evangelists; 2 in 3 say that technology makes them feel like anything is possible. While that optimism and faith in tech is admirable, there is a flipside: nearly 4 out of 5 Gen Zers show signs of emotional distress when they’re kept from their personal electronic devices. It might be hard to keep this generation off their phones during meetings …

They’re Brainy: This generation truly values education; 64 percent of Gen Zers cite earning an advanced degree as a major life goal. In fact, a solid half of Gen Zers are predicted to be university educated. Compare that to just a third of millennials.

What insight about Gen Z is most concerning or surprising to you? And for more insights into Gen Z, check out this infographic put together by the Brighton School of Business and Management.



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