25 Really Funny Job Titles In The Workplace


Say goodbye to “manager,” “associate,” and “customer service specialist” and say hello to “ringleader,” “idea alchemist,” and “service sensei” — yep, fun and funny job titles are all the rage right now. If your company allows it, or if you’re in business for yourself, why not have a little fun with your position title? While you might want to stick to more traditional titles on your resume (recruiters often scan resumes for job title keywords — and “alchemist” or “ninja” isn’t likely to be what they’re looking for), try getting more creative with your business cards, email signature line, and LinkedIn profile. After all, business doesn’t have to be boring, and neither does your job title. Need some inspiration? To get your own creative juices flowing, take a look at our list of 25 creative, clever, or downright silly job titles:

For Those in Charge

Chief Cheerleader

Top Dog

Chief Romance Officer (for wedding planners, love coaches, etc.)

President and TeaEO — This is what Honest Tea’s CEO calls himself

Adventurer in Charge


Creative Types

Ink Evangelist

Crappy Copy Banisher (for an editor)

Word Herder

Creative Technologist

Techie Types

 Social Media Sith Lord

 Graphic Design Guru

Growth Hacker

Digital Dynamo

For the Idea Generators

Chief Innovation Officer

Executive Envisioner

Idea Ambassador

Knowledge Sorceress — an actual position title for a lucky someone at the Business Innovation Consortium

Idea Alchemist

Support Team Members

Director of First Impressions (that’s what Houghton Mifton Court calls its receptionist)

Genius — A.k.a., the service technicians at Apple stores

Customer Service Sensei

On-Demand Executive (for temp workers)

And a Final Two Fun Ones …

Hairapist (for a salon hair stylist)

Space Travel Agent — Yes, this exists! You’ll find the job title at Virgin Atlantic, the pioneering space tourism business

Do you have a super interesting job title — or have one in mind? Share with us in the comments below!


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  1. My company has interest in a mining operation… one of the folks there has the job title “Chief of Explosives”.

  2. Designing my cards – want some feedback.

    My company provides customized payroll and he solutions. My tag line is “enjoy the freedom of simplicity”

    How about Chief Simplicity Officer?

    Any other suggestions?

  3. I am ‘Motherbird’ as the proprietor, cook, recipe innovator and creator of my restaurant, ‘The Mockingbird.’

  4. I am the Head of Cat Herding at a mid size medical organization. I am the executive assistant to 10 very busy executives.

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