Laugh More, Stress Less: Career Advice From Bill Murray


Bill Murray is an amazingly talented actor and hilarious comedian. His deadpan style of humor has won over people since he first hit the scene in the 80’s and it his popularity doesn’t seem to waning even as he ages.

Personally I love the guy. Not only does he crack me up, but more often than not I can relate to the character that he’s portraying. He’s the guy in the corner who realizes how absurd everyday life and human interactions can be, but he’s withstood it for so long that he’s teetering on the edge of thinking it’s hilarious and horrifying all at the same time.

While the guy doesn’t exactly scream “motivated and passionate” in his career, he’s definitely more laid back and seems to be having a better time than most of us. So let’s take a page from his book and learn how to be more like Bill in your career.

Always have a sense of humor.  Even when something is irritating, it’s always good to bust out a smile and laugh about it.

Stay well fed. Feeling a lack of energy? Shove an entire sandwich in your mouth in a single bite (but don’t really because you’ll probably choke).

Drink coffee. This one particularly applies to me as I’m not sure how my blood doesn’t consist of the stuff considering how much I drink everyday.

Be a leader even if you have to, even if you don’t want to. Sometimes we hate taking charge but we are the best person for the job.

Take pleasure in what you do. Even if it feels like you’re doing the same thing over and over and over again, make sure to take pleasure in what you’re doing, or else what’s the point.

Relax. Don’t stress out. Everyone needs to take a breather now and again.

Get enough sleep. Uhh… yeah, you probably don’t want to be doing this to your alarm clock every morning.

Celebrate your victories. When you win or you do something awesome at work, don’t be scared to celebrate it a little.

Be a good team member. Pretty self explanatory. Help other coworkers file paperwork, take care of emergency situations, and catch ghosts whenever they spring up at the office.

Love. Regardless of how much he doesn’t seem like he gives a crap, at the end of the day Murray has a big heart, and you should too.


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