20 Distinctive Core Values Of Top Companies


Ever wonder how it is to work at some of the top companies in the world like Facebook, Zappos, or Google? The core values of these companies may give us some insight in how it is to work there. Core values are the guiding principles behind a company and  dictate how companies do business and how they expect employees to act in the workplace.

Companies that are dominating the market are obviously doing something right. Here are 20 distinctive core values of top companies in the world.

20. Create fun and a little weirdness. – Zappos

Zappos is all about creating a fun and innovative atmosphere at their workplace. Weirdness in moderation can spark innovation and promote individuality.

19. Give Sustainably. Give Responsibly. – Toms Shoes

For a firm valued at over $600 million, Toms Shoes are able to rake in the revenue while still giving shoes to some of the poorest countries and people, in the world.

18. Uncompromising honesty and integrity. – National Instruments

A company who values honesty and integrity in their operations means that the brand will be trusted by the consumer.

17. Empathy – Barnes and Nobles

Being able to relate with people and understand where they are coming from is a great core value to have when a portion of your experience requires personal interaction with the consumer.

16. The Freedom to be Constantly Curious – Edelman Marketing

While some companies would rather their employees stick to their work, places like Edelman Marketing promote curiosity to spark innovation and new ideas.

15. Everyone can make a difference – from day one. – Riverbend Technology

Some people underestimate the power of people, especially when they are brand new to a job.

14. Ingenuity. – Chevron

When you are dealing with fossil fuel extraction and distribution, you must come up with safer and more cost effective methods to do it.

13. Be Passionate. – Intuit

Passion is something that you hope your employees have when working for you. For Intuit, it’s one of their core values.

12. Empowerment. – Wegmans

Wegmans likes to not only empower their employees, but also the communities that their grocery stores are located in.

11. Inclusion inspires innovation. – Apple

While it’s hard to find a concrete list of Apple’s updated core values, one thing that they are promoting right now is inclusion and acceptance of different cultures and perspectives to drive stronger products.

10. Exceptional. – Adobe

You may know Adobe for the PDF’s that get attached to your e-mail, but their core values consist of things like being exceptional and innovative. This shows in their software like Photoshop and Illustrator as they’ve become industry standards.  

9. Collaboration. – Discover

Discover thinks that collaboration drives innovation, rightfully so.

8. We make things happen. – CDW

For a society where sometimes things take too long, and there is sometimes too much red tape, CDW comes with a rather refreshing core value.

7. Storytelling. – Walt Disney

It makes sense that the company responsible for creating a lot of engaging stories during our childhood would have one of its core values be storytelling.

6. Golden Rule. – Progressive

Treat others like you’d like to be treated. It’s something that many people often forget, but Progressive would like their employees to remember.

5. Customer’s First. – Chik-fil-A

The age old saying is not used enough in today’s service industry. In a world where sometimes the customer is wrong, Chik-fil-A reminds us some companies still think this way.

4. Grow our business in a way that makes us proud. – Twitter

Ethics and money sometimes are not synonymous, but millennials tend to put more emphasis on these concepts. Twitter being the revolutionary tool it is for millennials, is no different.

3. Fun-LUVing Attitude. – Southwest Airlines

If you’re wondering why they spelled “loving” wrong, it’s because LUV is their ticker symbol on the stock market. Other than making money, Southwest Airlines promotes fun.

2. Be open. – Facebook

Facebook has always been about sharing personal experiences to other people on the web. They were also an early adopter of collaborating with other companies for software  addons and advertising promotions.

1. Great just isn’t good enough. – Google

For a company that virtually everyone in the world is aware of and uses on a daily basis, one of Google’s core values aligns perfectly with their domination over email and search engines on the web.


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